Final Episode!

Well it has been a  CRAZY few weeks, non stop scripting, editing, researching. Phew! But it’s only just begun- now I need to collect the data from these three episodes and get cracking on my dissertation! I wanted to review the past few weeks we have-

Uploaded all three episodes and three variations

Created a website, subreddit, three youutbe channels and podcast channels to host our content

fully edited videos and all the analytics that go with them

Assets, thumbnails and too much artwork to count!

Been a crazy experience. It’s been almost non-stop writing, reading and scripting, followed by recording, editing and uploading! worth it though. Will for sure return to it once all this writing and data collection is over and done with. Currently trying to collect everything into exel sheets.

Youtube Analytics (the mains source of analytics as other podcasting hosts only show you the full number of downloads and nothing besides) are confusing, they download in EXEL sheets (foudn in my portfolio folder) but you need to use the main page if you want to understand it all. Going to consolidate it all down into a document ASAP.

Now all that’s left is really the actual project part!


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