New Episode!

Damn, I’m cranking these things out! Here is episode 2! I know what you’re thinking, this episode centres around April 6th, what gives? I need to upload it earlier. This was originally going to be pushed to Episode 3, but I can’t wait until April, I need to start collecting Data now- people dnt seem to mind though and I explained it ina blog post and video description. plan to reupload to personal channel on 6th permanently.

[EDIT- new link-]

I have a feeling this is going to be our most popular. We have surveys coming in already, the website SEEMS to be handling it, and we have a subreddit that’s hosting them all. It’s expensive though. The youtube videos are free, but hosting them as podcasts on the site, and the site itself is getting pricey. This is why I’m cranking these out as fast as possible. I’m trying to ensure each gets a solid month of views before I take down final view numbers, becuse I honestly can’t handle the website costs for too much longer. After that I’ll need to shut it down- bandwidth is expensive! Got a consistent thumbnail going though, here are all three lined up (including episode 3). Been a heck of a lot of Photoshop these past few weeks making assets for each video.

I feel a problem is that not enough feels project worthy- weeks of researching, scripting, writing, editing, recording, audio, then video, then picture editing, sourcing clips and coding… it’s all part of a project that doesn’t really take these into consideration, it all about the results! But I’m confident those will turn out fine.

Nautical Origins Seanachas template Seanachas template3


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