2 Week Update- Delays

Personal issues have held up a lot of development from the 1-8th, so I thought I’d use this as a way to update whats happened up until now (which is a lot!)

Skills Developments


I’ve made a lot of progress these past few weeks in my video editing for our first episode (more on that in a bit) and I’m very confident in my use Adobe Premiere now. Obviously I already had a big background in Video Editing but the shift to a program from one I was so used to (Vegas) was tough. However it’s paid off. Below is the first 2 minutes of my newest video (yes that’s over 100 assets in just that two minutes!), and such a layed project would have been a nightmare on Premiere. Feeling very confident with it moving forward.



We have a name! Seanachas. I’ve written up a full article on it in my project portfolio about names suggestions and what I’m looking for, but it’s gone very well indeed. We have the three youtube channels, and a logo! (below). The marketing books have been handy, and I’m going to be using their advice for promoting and managing the channels exposure and identity. Next week I’ll be starting a subreddit and other social media platforms- I’ll do a main post about it in the next few days.


So, I wrote another document all about the new episode direction, and I’ve changed the way I’m tackling each episode. As sad as it was, the glencoe episode is out. It’s a lot of work, weeks of scripting and researching but I had to recognize that it was holding me back. I’ve regreared with three new scripts more in tune with our study- three 7-10 minute videos, each packed with content and editing (in fact more editing that the original plan!) and better ways to measure feedback and analytics. Currently we have-

The First Smoking Ban in history

Common Phrases and their Nautical Origins

The Battle of Stirling Bridge and Andrew De Moray

Three interesting topics, using research and sources I’ve already dug into for earlier projects, giving me a headstart on scripts. The Smoking Ban episode script is already done and recorded just the editing to work through (see above), and the Common Phrases episode is also finished initial scripting.

Honestly probably the biggest “Skill Gap” I’ve had these past few months is not understanding when to ditch a project that just wasn’t working. I picked up Managing Successful Projects in the library a few weeks back and it had a great section about recognizing when things need to be cut and ditch if they’re holding the project back. That was the Glencoe episode. I’m glad I’ve finally overcome it!

Set a date for the newest episode, however- 19th of February, with the next coming on the 19 march, and the third on April 19th (this may be moved closer due to dealines/collecting data etc). See you then!


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