February 1st- New month, New skills!

So, I’ve been working hard on creating videos in Adobe Premiere! I’ve been making up some intros using the software and creating some pretty layered and complicated introductions- this one is a montage/culmination of 7 video intros along with the can can recreated using video game sound effects. Took roughly 12 hours to put everything together, as well a close to 100 assets and moving images. It doesn’t exactly make much sense to someone not accustomed to the video genre, but it’s a good example of the kind of progression I’ve been making these past few months:

The layout differences compared to Sony Vegas is pretty startling too, a Vegas is more “fluid” while Adobe is more precise, but overall a better more creative experience





Premiere obviously has brilliant Photoshop integration also, and adobe audition integration. it’s perfect for a project that combines all three platforms. Also been recording some more Introductions for the glencoe podcast, none very successfully however…

I AM however working on a new script, and it’s going forward with such speed I may replace the glencoe podcast with it. I’ll need to decide in the next few days. Whats annoying is that this glencoe episode is holding everything back, I’ve got so bogged down in it I’ve ended up stalling everything. Need to make progress.


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