End of January! Weekly update & Addressing Skill Gaps

Phew! Been a big week. Since we’re getting close to possibly the first episode release (I’m going to go over variation ideas in my next blog post in a couple days), I figured I need to kick branding into gear. Been reading through some Youtube Guides on branding and management. If this project is going to be a success, I need create a successful channel. I already have some experience in this, but I need to further that by closing some “skill gaps”. Writing, editing and all that jazz is easy enough, but if I want to pull this off I need-

  • Marketable Channel
  • Branding
  • Professional Looking, well-edited videos
  • Coding

So marketing. Well, I’m reading. There are hundreds of guides online, all of which offer pretty vague and obvious ideas to draw in page views. However I’ve picked up a few books online and in the library to get myself in tune with the idea of marketing and social media managing- 500 Social Media Marketing techniques.  A lot of obvious examples but some handy advice. One of which was to give your channel personality, maybe indicating that trying to start totally afresh, I should try and work my website and channel into my current online persona. Also Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World. It’s more of a motivational speaking advice book and the like, but really useful and has some good advice. Also The Art of Social Media, which I have here with me but haven’t started reading yet. Between these and the current 12 stacks of history books I’m working through, it makes for a busy few weeks!

Branding- the aforementioned social media books ahve been useful for this, but I’m still trying to come up with a kind of solid overall channel style. Here’s my new channel artwork that I designed for my personal youtube channel and blog where I use the name “LitZippo”

Litzippo funstuff

It’s a really “busy” design that uses characters and drawings from different games and things I’ve done on my channel- maybe I could incorporate that into whatever it is I’m doing. I feel it might be a bit too busy however.

Currently, I know a lot about editing in the Sony Vegas editing suites, but I don’t think for what I’m trying to do this would be acceptable. We’re talking videos with dozens of images per minute and a lot of audio editing, and sony vegas just doesn’t handle that as well (as well as being an unstable build in general). I really need to switch to Adobe Premire since my audio recording and editing is taking place within Adobe Audition. So skill gap one- Premire. If I’m going to make this video, I need to learn Premiere.

Last one is trickiest- I need to get some basic coding under my belt. Putting this on the backburner atm though since it’slow priority. At the moment the important points are-

*Create Channel & Brand

*Learn Adobe Premiere


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