Lets go back a month or two when we went over our episode ideas-

1. Massacre of Glencoe, an episode dealing with themassacre, why it happened and who it involved

2. Life at sea, an episode all about life on board ships in the 17th century, the work required and the feeling of being in a battle

3. Iollaire- a look at the sinking of the Iollaire in 1918 and it’s effect on local community in the Western Isles.

Here’s the problem. Currently I’m still writing and recording for the Glencoe episode (more attempts at recording below). Just trying to nail the pronunciation of certain sentences is taking days (currently I’ve recorded 7 hours of iterations of a 30 minute in ~4 days). Scriptwriting is hours of work, and that’s not counting sound editing. From the documentary work I’ve done so far, creative audio editing will take roughly 10 minutes of editing to every minute of audio. So based on this episode’s scriptwriting and audio editing projections each episode will need-

At least a month of researching, reading and sourcing books and primary accounts etc

A couple weeks of scriptwriting

A week of recording and altering scripts etc

A week of editing.

Add on top of this episode branding, website creation, the variations of each of these episodes… and this isn’t the project! The project is Data Gathering the popularly and analytic of each variation of these episodes essentially, which will add even more time on top of all this!

Then.. there’s the video.

I’ve done a lot of video work in the past on my regular youtube channel. I know a lot about editing. These are seemingly simple animations, but they take DAYS of work to make. It takes roughly 3-4 hours for every 20 seconds of footage in those videos, and thats probably less time per 20 seconds than assembling something like this for a 40 MINUTE episode.

Somethings gotta give. In the next few days I’ll keep on recording and editing, but I may need to make some drastic changes. I’m considering throwing out each episode and rewriter shorter, smaller topics than I can fit into 7 minute videos and podcasts.


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