Weekly Update- Test Recordings

This Past week I’ve been experimenting with recording my script in a “Hardcore History” style, it’s been going… okay! Not… great, but okay. Below are two attempts, pretty shoddy attempts, but attempts nonetheless, no editing or anything to them.

The problem I’m having is probably one of my own, but it just doesn’t feel serious or real enough. But that’s probably just me failing to get over the sound of my own voice so who knows. Either way, I’m working every day at vocal techniques and pronunciations, and making constant amendments to the script to improve the overall flow of the script.

Also research, ugh. I’ve now read Glencoe by John Pebbles and Massacre of Glencoe by John Buchan, still not fully scratched the surface! They are such long books, condecning everything into short videos feels impossible. This episode is running to at least 20 minutes, but definaltey closer to 40. That’s ridiculous because my next few episodes are (or were meant) to be 7-12 minutes.


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