Edinburgh Tomorrow!

I’m working through my script for the Glencoe Massacre at the moment, and as luck would have it- there’s a new exhibition opening up right this week in Edinburgh that is displaying the original order given to the soldiers to carry out the killing. They have a fantastic “Game of Thrones” style marketing approach (obviously playing on the popularity of the show/books) at the time that really fits into how I want to do the first Glencoe episode. I think down the line, looking forward to both the guide, adverts, posters and showcase I’ll be looking at trying to display the work in a kind of less academic and more “flashy” kind of way. The showcase I think will focus on presenting the podcasts as they are, and have the guide and final statistics as an extra or “further reading”, maybe even a video of the final presentation in may?


Tomorrow, I’m going to head to Edinburgh to get a look at it first hand. My plan is to bring with my my Zoom H2 recorder to try out some live presenting. If the museum is empty enough, I’ll try doing a bit of narration, if not, I’ll record some of the sounds and background atmosphere for use as a backing track if I do a voiceover after the fact.

This is all part of the “History of the World” approach (see: Concept Development Document), that uses a cross between narration in-studio and in the museum itself, next to the object of the episode. It’s a great way of making the episode feel more relatable and part of a journey, however what I want to contrast it with is a dramatic reading of the order in other episode variation. When I have the scripts completed I’ll do a more “side by side” comparison to explain it better.


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