Scripting & Context

It’s been a busy few days making sure the proposal was all up to scratch and heading home without internet for a bit, but I’ve been working hard on my scripts for episode one. I’m pretty please, and I’m using the “Dan Carlin” Style I’ll tell you about soon in a  more in depth post- problem is atm that it’s all on paper, not on the computer! Like I’ve said, I prefer writing it that way so I’ll have to wait to dictate it to my secretary like a 1950s boss.

Also by the quality of this photo it's not just my writing that could slow down

Also by the quality of this photo it’s not just my writing that could slow down

However it’s on hold! I need to sure up my contextual development document which I’ve been avoiding like the plague. The problem is all my peers and contemporaries that I’m meant to read about are… well podcasts! I have plenty of history books and other stuff I’ve read (my reading list all in for this project must be over 30 books now, which I guess is pretty good in general!) but it’s not really entirely relevant to my project. The history side of things doesn’t really play into the project other than it’s use as a platform to base my podcasts on. So if you’re reading this dear contextual development document marker, I’ve not been lazy and avoiding books! It’s just that in context, I think the podcasts have had more relevance, and some of the academic studies. Either way- we’re almost into phase 2 of our project so time to lay out my plans-


Finish Scripting and begin recording before the end of the year

Lay out the variations of each podcast variation

get website & assets made

Create survey questions

EXEC Summary

01/12/14 EDIT: ALSO Forgot the November review, will publish it ASAP!



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