Reading List

Thought I’d pop my current reading list up, these include all the stuff read & referenced for my research proposal (coming soon!), and my stuff still on the list to read.

SACK, K. (1998) Georgia’s Governor Seeks Musical Start for Babies NY Times [Online] Available from: [Accessed 29th October 2014]

ROBSON, D. (2014) Can you learn in Your Sleep? BBC [Online] Available from [Accessed 22 July 2014]

ACKERMAN, J. (2007) Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream Houghton Mifflin Books p.p. 171

LONN, S. TEASLEY, S (2009) Podcasting in higher education: what are the implications for teaching and learning? Internet and Higher Education: Elsevier, pp. 88-92

EDISON RESEARCH (2012) The Podcast Consumer 2012 [online] Available from: [Accessed October 12th 2014)

THE MYNDSET (2012) How many podcasts are there? What’s the future of the Podcast? [Online] Available from: [Accessed October 12th 2014]

SALMON, G. EDIRISINGHA, P. (2008) Podcasting for Learning in Universities, Society for the Reachsearch into Higher Education pp. 1-2

PLUNKETT, J. (2014) The Archers Tops BBC Podcast List The Guardian 15/10/14 pp. 34 Available from: [Accessed November 20th 2014]

GRIBBINS, M. (2007) The perceived usefulness of podcasting in higher education: a survey of students’ attitudes and intention to use. AIS Electronic Library, Paper 6 [Online] Available From: [Accessed October 24th 2014]

O’BANNON, B. (2011) Using Podcasts to Replace Lecture: Effects on Student Achievement. Computers &  Education: Elsevier Vol. 57 Issue 3 pp. 1885-1892

WIRES, N. (2014) The rising popularity of podcasts: Why listeners are rediscovering podcasts [Online] Available from: [Accessed 12thNovember 2014]

HEW, K.F. (2009) Use of audio podcast in K-12 and higher education: a review of research topics and methodologies Education Technology Research and Development: Springer pp. 333-357

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LAZZARI, M (2009) Creative use of podcasting in higher education and its effect on competitive agency: Computers & Education: Elservier Vol. 52 Issue 1 pp. 27-34 [Online] Available From: [Accessed November 1st 2014]

SADLER, J. (2010) GLENCOE: The Infamous Massacre 1692. Amberley Publishing

EXLEY, K. DENNICK, R (2004) Giving a Lecture: From Presenting to Teaching Psychology Press

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CURTHOYS, A. (2011) How to Write History that People Want to Read. Palgrave Macmillan

CAVE, H. (2014) Time to Switch Off? Focus Magazine, BBC November 2014 Issue 274 pp.45-49

DYMOND, D (2009) Researching and Writing History: A Guide for Local Historians Carnegie Publishing

CAMPBEL, G (2005) There’s Something in the Air: Podcasting and Education EDUCAUSE Review Magazine, Issue 40 pp 32-46

LEE, M.J.W (2007) Reducing the effects of isolation and promoting inclusivity for distance learners through podcasting Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education pp. 85-104 [Online] Available from:

BURNS, C. (2014) Hear Yourself Happy: How noises you make influence the way you feel New Scientist 22nd of November 2014 Issue 2996 pp.40-43

MARTIN, T. (2012) Marketing At the Speed of Sound Converse Digital [Online] Available from: [Accessed 12th November 2014]

DEAL, A. (2007) PODCASTING: Teaching With Technology White Paper [Online] Available from: [Accessed 27th October 2014]

HAMMERSLEY, B (2004) Audible Revolution The Guardian [Online] Available From: [Accessed 27th October 2014)


 Further Reading


BANDURA, A. SCHUNK, D.H. (1981) Cultivating competence, self-efficacy and intrinsic interest through proximal self-motivation Journal of Personality and Social Psychology Issue 41 pp. 586-598

Brown, E. (n.d.) Writing About History University of Toronto [Online] Available from:

BUCHAN, J. (2009) The Massacre of Glencoe House of Stratus

BBC (n.d.) Writing Radio Drama: Scriptwriting Tips [Online] Available From:

CHION, M. (1994) Audio Vision: Sound on Screen Colombia University Press

WHITTINGTON, W. Sound Design & Science Fiction University of Texas Press

SONNENSCHEIN, D.  Sound Design: The Expressive Power of Music, Cinema Michael Wise Productions

VIERS, R. (2008) The Sound Effects Bible Michael Wiese Productions

MACLEOD, J. (2010)  When I Heard the Bell: The Loss of the Iolaire Birlinn Ltd



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