Let’s Talk History

So! This is actually not really an important step at the moment, since it’s not required for my research proposal per se, but I’m trying to develop my episodes content. To quote my Research proposal (draft):

AIM: To create a series of educational podcasts that utilise different writing, structure, presentation and immersive editing approaches, determining which creates the best cohesive and effective educational structure for podcast audiences.

Episode 1- The Glencoe Massacre

An episode that deals with the 1692 Massacre of Glencoe, an infamous moment of Scottish history that has had repercussions in the history of Scottish Nationalism and the perception of the Jacobite Uprising ever since (Sadler, 2010).

Version 1 –       This version will be reduced in length from the standard 15 to 7 minutes and edited to a faster pace

Version 2 –       This version will focus on immersive sound effects and acted parts

Version 3-        This version will be feature more cuts and “scene changes”, as well as


So, my plan is to create THREE episodes. Three episodes covering parts of history (as you can see there, my example used was the Glencoe Massacre). Then, we create three versions of each episode. once I upload them to my website (that I need to build… urgh), audiences will randomly listen to one of the three versions. They are then taken to a survey that they can fill out for feedback! Simple right? No? Yeah… okay it’s ambitious, but it’s the best way I can see of measuring something like this.


Currently though, my episode ideas are:

The Glencoe Massacre

Life at Sea (In otherwords, the ship sounds idea)

The Sinking of the Iolaire (This is a combination of the interview series and WW1)

This way, I am

1. using the research I have collected all these months

2. Editing and creating soundscapes and educational podcasts

3. Measuring it ina  way that will give me data and feedback on what audiences prefer

Tada! A combination of all my ideas into one ambitious package. I’ll be posting my research document soon, so hopefully f you’re lost it should explain in more detail!


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