Crunch Month is Here!

Well, it’s that month! Research Proposals have to be in this month, so I have to get going. But, all in all, things seem to be going well. Hoping to have my proposal done by next week!

My idea is solid- here’s my current “Objective and aims”

What writing, structure and editing techniques create the most effective, immersive and retentive listening experience for educational podcasts?


To answer this will require an in depth look at different podcasting techniques. Our aim is to create a series of educational podcasts that utilise different writing, structure, presentation and immersive editing approaches, determining which creates the most cohesive and effective educational structure for podcast audiences.

To do this, our objectives include:


  • Creating a series of educational podcasts with different levels of content makeup and structures, including:
    • Episode Length
    • Interview sections and monologue lengths
    • Use of SFX and music
    • “Live” Vs “In Studio” presenting


  • To survey audiences on their retention, interaction and interest in the different episode structures


  • To collate this data into a guide that can accurately show us in detail the effectiveness of these different techniques are and which audiences prefer


Pretty good huh? I’ve got a lot of the academic, study stuff from these sources:

LONN, S. TEASLEY, S (2009) Podcasting in higher education: what are the implications for teaching and learning? Internet and Higher Education: Elsevier, pp. 88-92

EDISON RESEARCH (2012) The Podcast Consumer 2012 [online] Available from: [Accessed October 12th 2014)

THE MYNDSET (2012) How many podcasts are there? What’s the future of the Podcast? [Online] Available from: [Accessed October 12th 2014]

SALMON, G. EDIRISINGHA, P. (2008) Podcasting for Learning in Universities, Society for the Reachsearch into Higher Education pp. 1-2


but I still have a LOT of work to do. The problem I’m having is that There’s a VERY big difference between me making a project that revolves around what is essentially a commercial project (soemthing like Hardcore History, Radiolab etc) because all the studies are about podcasts in universities and whether they are effective as teaching tools, which is not what I’m attempting to do. My project accepts that podcasts ARE useful for learning, and asks “What specifics of writing and editing and presenting make an educational/informational podcast more effective”.

It’s tricky. I’m basically bridging a gap between two different types of study, which I suppose is good for my project as it’s a gap in knowledge I’m trying to fill, but it makes describing it in my Research Proposal very tricky.


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