Damn Technology

Sorry for the delays! Rest assured, I’ve not been off procrastinating (well, not completely), I’ve been working on ideas! The problem is when it comes to scripting and writing I tend to reply on pen and paper more than computers! Here’s a wee taste of some of my pages (I have like 20 pages, it’s not all just drawings and doodles!)



Anyway, I thought I’d lay out my current progress with each idea thread- I’ll be doing my monthly review in a  few days anyway, but it’s more of a progress report and Current Reading List!

WW1 Series

Reading, Reading Reading. Just Finished Catastrophe: Europe Goes to War 1914 by Max Hasting, but in terms of actual sound references it is pretty light. Still looking for better first hand descriptions of soldiers on the front. Watched the film adaption of All Quiet on the Western Front, because so far that bookhas been the bestin terms of descriptions. The film good okay, but it didn’t, I feel, capture the sound of war very well as described in the book. I want, if we go forward with the 24 hour sound idea, to really get accross the contrast in quiet monotony of the front, the times where nothing happened by the rain and sound if rats, with the horrifically loud sound of battle and bombardment. During the battle of Verdun, a fort went from looking like this:


To this:

Fort_Douaumont_Ende_1916 I want that to really get accross in my soundscape. But again, I’m still against the wall with it- WHERE is the measurable results?

Ship Sounds

Same as WW1, really not much update since my last posts. I have the references, the reading, the research but no real way to move forward.

Interview Series

Better progress on this front. I’ve been looking at a few studies (I’ll write about them in a  separate post soon) that are all about the effects of podcasts in education. Not really related in content (the podcasts that is) to our series, but it’s an example of something I can measure, study. Remeber waaaay back when I abandoned my radio ideas? I mentioned I liked the idea of creatig something measurable, that I could collective qualatative and quantative data from, and this is kind of a way to do that. Maybe measuring/surveying the most effective podcast/interview/editing techniques? The only problem is that I’ve sunk time into my other ideas, and I don’t really want to leave them behind.


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