Ships: The Comic!

Well, this is slightly unrelated- but I’ve been reading about ships big time atm. That Rise and Fall of the British Navy is  big big book to work through, and I’m also working on Scots at Sea for a bit more history closer to home.

In the meantime though, I made a kind of… comic? Hard to explain,  but I made it directly because I was doing all this research for this project so it for sure related and not just me trying to justify drawing this thing for like 4 hours! But in all seriousness it did make me think about a way of bridge my two ideas, or maybe creating something more project-worthy out of all of them. I really like making educational content, teaching people about history and the like in a sort of light-hearted way. Now this comic certainly isn’t historically accurate like some of my other history posts, but I think it’s a good example of trying to make history a bit more fun and light hearted.

It got me thinking, maybe if we tried to turn our soundscape ideas into less of an art project and more of educational tool, that would make use of rigorous research and incorporate the potential of their use in museums etc, but still give means to creativity in terms of recording and editing? Anyway, I’m going to work on it in a draft for my ship sounds idea, since I have the most references, so I’ll post it there as soon as I’m done!



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