BBC? More like THIEVE-B…C

The BBC are reading my blog, I just know it.

Ha, looks like either 1. I got the idea for the WW1 soundscape idea from this show that I watched then forgot about… or the BBC are just reading my mine… months before I think of an idea.

I kid, it’s actually a really good resource in the BBC question vault “What did WW1 sound like?” ( and proves that it’s not just me that’s wondering. It’s a really good jumping off point for me if I want to take my idea further. Currently, my soundscapes idea is broken into two- WW1, and the “Ship sounds” ideas. The plan I was working with in terms of WW1 was a bit ambitious- could I recreate a day in the life of a soilder on the frontlines using only sound? A full 24 hours of sounds with everything from monotony boredom to horrendous battles. I recently finished reading All Quiet on the Western Front for reference, and it really spoke a lot about what people were hearing. I recently visited the McManus as well, and they have several painting about the war that really hammer home the brutality and effect of it all. I want to capture this, recreate it. But I worry about the ethics proposal. A lot of people are getting shot down over some ideas and “Recreating the soundscape of one of the most traumatic experiences in history and seeing how many people can stand it” doesn’t sound like something the Uni is going to jump at with open arms. I can hear it now:

“Ooh brilliant! Reckon you could thrown some blood on them too, really drive home from Shell shock?!”

Bloody ethics board, you can’t even try to recreate the effects of PTSD through sound effects anymore- it’s political correctness gone mad I say!

"Oh is that the disgusting sound of war and all it's horrors?" "No, no this is the bagpipes, sir."

“Oh is that the disgusting sound of war and all it’s horrors?” “No, no this is the bagpipes, sir.”


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