Interview Series Proposal

So here is the proposal I made up for my interview series years ago, but I still don’t have a firm grasp on whether this can still go forward as a project, seeing as it lacks an original idea or good project outcome base. Either way, this is my original proposal that I’ve adapted slightly as a potential question:

Research Proposal- “Danachd”

[Draft question]

What are the techniques and approaches that can be taken in the production of a radio series, as well as the editing, presentation and storage of those pieces online?


My project proposal is the creation of a website and audio series that involves collecting, editing and uploading stories and interviews with people all over Scotland. The project will involve not only collecting interviews, but creating a robust and navigable website and archive that they can be accessed from. On top of this, it will consider as well the art assets and aesthetic presentation of the website. The interviews and episodes themselves are intended to be a mix of historical documentaries, onsite interviews and scoring & sound effects to create a sense of emersion for the listener.

Example- “The Emerald Isle”

Calum Gillies (my grandfather) is a former fisherman, crofter, ferryman, sailor, engineer, builder and farmer. What you wouldn’t expect to find hanging in Calum’s house however, is a commendation for bravery from the Queen. In 1962, Calum’s Fishing boat witnessed the sinking of a trawler “The Emerald Isle” off the coast of Lewis. With storms and swells washing the surviving crew on the rocks, Calum and the crew of his fishing boat launched their small dingy to save as many as they could.
“We pulled as many onboard as we coul managed, but I could see some were already dead. It was a horrible night. I pulled the captain onto the dingy, he had been clinging onto the rocks. I could see the guilt on his face.”

These short documentaries would feature primarily the interview with the subject, as well as short introductions and backstory provided through narration. Furthermore, the use of sound effects (for example, atmospheric storm sounds and effects during the episode “The Emerald Isle”) would be used to create a sense of emersion.

These would be edited and then uploaded to the archive website, which I would intend to plan, code and design myself. The main feature would be the archive map, which charts where each interview took place or the location the story revolves around. The project would include the marketing side of Danachd, including trailers, introductory videos and twitter, facebook and other online interactivity.




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