End to September- Progress and Updates

Well, in the process of researching some History of the sea, I ended up writing a new history post on the Early Adopters (and banning) of Tobbacco, which was really fun, and I’ve been working more on my dissertation ideas.

My problem, however is that I still can’t narrow my ideas down. This is exactly what I expected to happen for the moment we were given our task- I can’t decide on anything. It’s like being presented with a huge menu at a restaurant all over again. But, to avoid over-complicating my project, and obesity in the case of the restaurant, I can’t have it all! My attempts to plan out some ideas have gone uuuuuh… messily

The image is flipped, by the way. This isn’t some coded language A la Da Vinci

I really, really want to do something history related. Delving in history books, endless research and crawling through archives, that is where my skills lie. The problem is that my sound knowledge just doesn’t match up at all with my plans. I want to make a giant soundscape of a battlefield? Great, buuuut I don’t know the first thing about technical editing. Creative stuff? No problem, perfect. Give me the sounds and I could make you a brilliantly orignal soundscape, but collect and recording those sounds is where I fall flat, because if my projects aim on recreating sounds and events accurately, I need to have a solid knowledge of sound design- plug ins, noise gates, uuuh… boosters? See. I don’t know anything.

My skills lie in gathering interviews, editing creatively. My past two documentaries in college were a good example- I got good interviews, good content and editing. However the sound levels were way off, the quality varied wildly because I really din’t know what I was doing.

On the one hand, this is what the project is all about. Finding an interesting subject, but then challenging yourself to fill in your gaps of knowledge by learning and making your project. But my perfect project more than anything would involve making documentaries, interviewing people, researching and telling a story- but every single time I try and come up with a research question relating to it, I hit a brick wall- how what question can I ask that would allow me to do this?

Well, I’m off hiking for a week. I’m taking my notebooks with me and I’m going to try and develop my ideas, try to piece everything together! I shall update my blog when I come back. Until then, here’s the two documentaries I mentioned.

HNC- ghosts! (warning- amateurish!)

HND- Radio Plays! (Warning- Amateurish!)



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