Ideas Ideas Ideas!

Well, a few days ago I talked Room Tones and Radio stations, and I floated the idea in a discussion class we had with James, specifically the Radio Station Idea. It has legs, but the problem I’m having is balancing creativity with research. Or rather, the creative side of the project. The guide is pretty damn vague on the “making things”. For example, does studying this mean I have to create a radio station as an example? Maybe build a radio station for a video game and measure the responses of people playing or something? Sure, I could. But it doesn’t feel very  academic. In fact I can’t help think it would seem pretty amateurish. Writing some kind of thesis on what music and chat create the most immersive gameplay experience might be interesting, but creating a radio station doesn’t feel meanful or very useful. I don’t feel crazy about it. I like the idea of measuring the responses people have and building the picture of what a “good” in game radio station is, but I feel my scope is a bit too limited.

Similarly with Room Tones. My interests audio-wise lie primarily in spoken word (like talk radio), and I think the Room Tones, as much as I loved our film scoring course from last semester, doesn’t interest me as much. I feel I could get more out of creating something, be it a Radio station for a game or podcast or guide or something. Anyway, plenty to work/build on.

Current Reading

Some good reading and a run down of the best Radio Stations in Video Games by Kotaku, but little else in the way of more academic writing on anything relating to it.

Audio Vision: Sound on Screen, A book I was told to read a whole year ago! Interesting stuff for sure, but I’m currently juggling about 3 other history books so it’s slow progress! 


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