First Day Back

12/09/14, our first day of classes of forth year! That consisted of three hours… per week. Just on Fridays. Wow, Forth year really is off your own back I guess!

I’ve been really struggling over the summer with dissertation ideas. I’ma  fan of a lot of things- namely writing, reading, film, artwork and drawing…. but all things that I’d love to tie into my sound work but find myself struggling with.

My initial ideas, merely sketches in a  notebook at the moment involve Room Tones, or Radio stations… in video games. Let me explain!

Room Tones- a good way of possibly melding my interest in Art, film and visuals together. It would involve the studying of the effects of room tones in the changing of moods and feelings of audiences and individuals looking at, watching viewing or being in a  room with particular things. This might involve me filming editing and recording my own footage that I then play back to them under different conditions to measure the emotional response I get, maybe experimenting with playing sounds to try and influence moods within rooms as people view artworks and other visual mediums.

Radio Stations– coming from a radio background, and having a big interest in writing, I wanted to study the use of radio stations within video games, specifically Sandbox games (however not limited to, simply because the vast majority of such stations exist within this genre). What makes a good station? The balance of writing, faux-live presenting on these stations, the use of music and the range of stations and genres, how do they influence play decisions, player moods and reactions? It may involve me recording or creating my own station, measuring the use of different stations in video game worlds against other genres etc.

Stuff to think on! I’m leaning towards the room tone idea simply because of the more creative possibilities, however it does feel slightly cliched and ‘overdone’. The radio idea feels fresh.


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